Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a physical treatment used by physical therapists who have an additional training. This method is dealing with the manual testing of muscles, joints, and nerves. The goal of the manual therapy is to determine the cause of the disorder and its treatment. The manual therapist helps to bring the body's structures back in balance.


The physio therapist is trying to identify the causes of your disorder and uses manual treatment methods and active exercises to relieve your pain. The techniques applied are manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, massages, and myofascial release therapies.

Sport Physiotherapy

The sport physio therapist works closely together with the athlete's trainer and coaching team. He doesn't only coach the athlete during the competition, but also takes care of him prior to the event throughout the preparation time, and afterwards, during regeneration. The sport physio therapist ensures the best possible injury prevention by optimizing movement sequences and through treatments. In case of an injury, the therapist supports the athlete's rehabilitation.


By using an array of manually performed massage techniques such as kneading, stretching, or rubbing, both, the blood circulation and the tissue metabolism are increased, pain is reduced. Massages have a relaxing effect.

Sport Massage

The therapist prepares the athlete's body for the upcoming physical stress with a sport massage. During the competition, the therapist is able to take antispasmodic actions by applying certain techniques. After the physical stress, the sport massage supports the regeneration phase.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

During the manual lymphatic drainage, the flow of the lymph fluid is stimulated by mostly gentle manual techniques. For example: After a sprain or contusion, the according body parts swell. The lymph drainage supports the body with its resorption and regeneration. After surgeries and diseases, there may occur swelling, too. In these cases, lymph drainages are also very helpful and relieve the pain.

Kinesio Taping

Elastic, adhesive strips are taped directly to the skin. By applying them with a certain technique, the tapes stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation and are thus pain-relieving. When it comes to top-class sports, taping is used to stabilise joints and muscles and to stimulate the nervous and lymphatic system.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Dysfunctions in the connective tissue and deeply rooted restrictions may cause disorders in totally different body regions. That's why it's important to release these "knots" in the fasciae with according myofascial therapies.

Personal Training

Personal training is the individual coaching of a client by his trainer according to the latest insights into sport medicine. The training can take place at the client's home, outdoors, or at the trainer's facilities. It is suitable for any level of performance. For those who do not feel comfortable or in good hands in their gym, who have difficulties reaching their goals on their own, or are chronically lacking time and keen to make their training more efficient, a personal trainer is the perfect match.

Nutrition Counseling

You should make use of nutrition counseling for various reasons: overweight or underweight, the desire for more muscle mass, competition preparation or illness. What is a good diet to reach my goals? The Physiotherapie Schwarzbach Theresienhöhe team offers different approaches, always ensuring to raise the client's awareness for healthy, natural, and sustainably produced food.

Medical Flossing (Voodoo Flossing)

Painful joints and muscles are wrapped with a latex tape for two to three minutes. Once the tape is removed, increased blood and cell fluid flow back into the tissue. If the tape is worn during training, fasciae and other structures are moved - the result is a relaxing effect. Hence, pain is relieved and the healing process is accelerated. Medical flossing can be applied to acute injuries, chronic pains, and scarring.

cPNI - clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology

In order to feel good and well-balanced, quite a number of factors need to interact. Just to mention a few: physical health, nutrition, immune system, and the human psyche. In addition, external factors such as lifestyle and living conditions including job, family, sports, and friends have an important impact as well. The clinical psycho-neuro-immunology incorporates all of that within its holistic approach. By modifying certain habits, e.g. change of diet, daily exercise, and many more, cPNI tries to positively impact these areas, influencing the quality of your life in a good way by eliminating negative stressors.

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